Right at the focal point of Karachi’s second largest Industrial area, all is set for a new beginning. Red Apple is more than delighted to reveal the outset of its 7th branch at Brooks Chowrangi.Korangi, which encompasses workers in a variety of fields, is home to about 2.4 million people. Being a vast industrial estate, Korangi provides limited economical options in dine-in, take away and delivery with quality food & ambiance.

Red Apple, which is renowned amongst Karachites for its food and hospitality has finally arrived at the heart of Korangi, the Brooks Chowrangi filling the long gap. Mr.Raheem Iqbal, the founder of Korangi Red Apple had felt this gap since long and had always envisioned to provide the locals of Korangi a new and better place to enjoy the delicacy of Red Apple.

The branch predominantly serve corporates, industrial staff, local residents and students.We are happy to announce that RED APPLE’S newly built restaurant is now ready for your dining & food pleasure. We are eager to treat you and your family to a unique and economical dining experience with RED APPLE’S special menu and services.


We are pleased to invite you to celebrate with us the opening of RED APPLE 7th Branch on 20th January  2019 at Brooks Circle, Korangi.


Founded first in 1999 and launched at Khadda market, Mr .Firdous Ali Rattani embarked on a journey, which proved to be a great success, and has eventually led to the commencement of Red Apples seventh branch at Korangi. The owner himself is not a novice ; he has 40 years of hospitality experience in catering to the anticipations of the customer.

After the first branch at the heart of DHA Khadda market, second Branch  was opened at Tariq Road, another posh and busy area of the city. However, this did not fulfill Mr. Firdous’ vision & desire to reach out to more and more people and therefore led to the initiation of Red Apples new branches at Hyderi and Bukhari respectively.

Mr. Firdous Ali Rattani’s assiduous attitude and determined nature continued to pay off and the business expanded exponentially, it seemed like a dream come true when finally Red Apple launched their fifth branch at Bilawal House, which was followed by another opening at Ayesha Manzil.

The business continued to progress and it was no surprise that a few years later Red Apple is all set to hit Karachi’s second largest industrial area, Korangi.


In the quest for better taste, we unlike others do not, compromise on health. Our food is completely free of preservatives and artificial flavor. Moreover, it is prepared under salubrious conditions, by culinarians who are well aware of health and hygiene, which of course is not possible until we have not laid strict rules regarding cleanliness of utensils and cleansing of our kitchen. Our utensils and cutlery are regularly washed and cleaned; furthermore, the kitchen is also kept spick and span because we believe that providing wholesome and healthy food is our utmost priority

Our diverse menu consists of an array of delectable dishes extending from rolls to barbecue as well as pan-Asian and Fast food.
The kebab rolls further contain a diverse amount of different rolls in which chicken roasted rolls, pizza rolls and Arabian rolls tops the menu. Moreover, you would not regret trying RED APPLE famous beef roasted and barbecue grilled rolls.
Our pan-Asian menu is as multifarious as others, comprising different types of scrumptious Shashliks, Chow-meins and variety of fried rice including chicken egg and garlic rice.
The fast food and barbeque menus are also quite eclectic. The fast food category comprises of crispy & chicken burgers, juicy beef burgers and flavor full fries. The barbecue sides ad-up mouthwatering malai boti, tikka boti, special Reshmi kebab and many others.
Last, but not the least Pakistani cuisine has also been our specialty, in this category we offer a variety of karahis like Peshawari and Landi Kotal Karahi, the mere sight of which will surely make you salivate. To top up we will be delighted to offer you special treats from our drinks menu, which includes tutti frutti, fruit trifle and kids special. We would also want you to try out dry fruit fun comprising of pistachio and almond shakes and also the delicious milkshakes made out of fresh fruits.
The combo deals are no less, customers can enjoy Thai style chicken, mega crispy burger and club sandwiches at feasible rates with the same great taste.
It is not only the menu that seems appetizing, but the food itself is as scrumptious as one would want it to be. The piquant and fresh food will surely have you crave for more. Rest assured for the crispy chicken burgers, the sour and sweet pan-Asian dishes and the tender tikka boti will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.
In addition, the nippy and fresh tasting juices will overall enhance the deliciousness of your dining experience. Trading of homemade food for dining outside maybe challenging for some people because of the developed taste in home cooked cuisine, however, there is nothing to worry about we assure you our food is as invigorating as homemade food and you would not deplore trying it out.


The tasty and flavorful food is backed up by a serene and tranquil aura, the soothing environment will relieve your tension and will give you perfect opportunity, to interact and enjoy with your peers, for formal lunches as well as business meetups.
We have strived to make the dining experience as splendid as possible, the pleasant interior and increased dine in space is sufficient to accommodate about 160 people. Moreover, the light background music will revive your energy and overall it will be a memorable experience for you.

The upcoming branch at korangi will be the best so far with a new corporate identity and improved ambience. Customers will relish the sublime environment as they devour the palatable food in a sumptuous looking, newly styled Red Apple restaurant.

Our business model is also supported by an efficient delivery system for those caught up in their tough schedules, this also makes it accessible to more people who are worried about their health and are in search of clean and chemical free food in this era of fraud.
We will pleased by your respected presence at our opening day, which is [ ], we hope to make this a paradise for food lovers in your area.