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Red Apple is more than delighted to announce the opening of its new outlet at Brooks Circle, Korangi. With this development, Red Apple will be marking its 7th presence in the country.
Established in mid 60s, the Korangi industrial area encircles more than 4500 industrial, commercial, and service related firms and is a home to about 2.4 million people. Being a vastly populous area of the city, it provides limited economical options in dine-in, take away and delivery with quality food & ambiance.
The upcoming branch at korangi is specially being established to facilitate these people and provide them a healthy and delicious meal during hectic working hours at a reasonable price. This by far will be the best outlet and will build a new corporate identity for the restaurant where the customers will relish the sublime environment as they devour the palatable food in a sumptuous looking restaurant.